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  • Man searching for job on laptop.

    High-Paying Jobs for 19 Year Olds in the Insurance Industry

    If you don’t have experience, searching for a good job can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. It can seem like most require too much experience, offer poor compensation, or have few opportunities for advancement.

  • Man creating graphs on iPad.

    Accounting Careers in Insurance

    Every year, thousands of accounting students graduate from college and begin searching for work. The bad news is that standing out in that environment can be tough. But the good news is there are several industries where people with an accounting degree are always in high demand.

  • Woman lying on ground writing resume

    How to Add Skills to a Resume

    What makes a resume great? It depends on the person reading it. Because resumes aren’t just a list of all your skills – they’re a list of the skills most relevant to the reader.

Insurance Career Roles

Forget the stereotypes. Here’s what people in risk management and insurance actually do.

Career Planning Tools

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Education & Experience

Here are some risk management and insurance career options based on your college major.

Careers in Insurance

Want to know a secret? Risk management and insurance careers are actually great.